Sunday, February 15, 2009

Decision Reached

Wow, I'm really getting the hang of this decision-making thing. First, I went for the iPhone. Yes, there are some things that I miss about the ever-efficient Blackberry...but, overall, I'm pretty pleased.

Today I kept my niece entertained at lunch with some YouTube Elmo on the ol' iPhone.

As far as bangs are concerned, I've decided to go for it before the weather gets too hot to have anything touching my forehead. Most likely, I'll continue the cycle of the last few years of cutting-them-then-growing-them-out. Oh well...

I also realized that, since I don't have a stylist or many well-paid people to discuss what is most flattering to my face shape, I have to rely on celebrities who have those teams of people...and similar bone structure.

Therefore, I look for celebrities with heart-shaped (wide) faces--Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, Rachel Weiz and Helena Christensen. Here are a couple great pics of Helena's versatile bangs:


AM said...

Hurray!! Good for you! Go for it!! I just think that look is going to look completely flattering on you. Post pics of when it is done!!!

(You know I check your blog all the time!)

Sarah Frost said...

I'm glad you are getting bangs cut. They will no doubt look lovely.

I also check your blog all the time! :)

Sarah Frost said...

Oh and I have a hair question you might know the answer too - i will inbox your facebook!

Kara said...

Thanks, girls! Tomorrow after work I'm getting them cut. I'll post a pic for sure!