Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tube Mascara for Less

Early last summer, I found my HG ("Holy Grail" in beauty speak) mascara--Imju Fiberwig. I have written before about my short, sparse, straight Asian lashes. When looking for a mascara, I am not even going to start looking for huge volume. My biggest priority is added length and holding a curl. Throw in the water/smudgeproof tube technology, and Fiberwig is THE mascara for me. I hate paying $22 for it, but am willing to because I wear it nearly every day.

I was so excited when I saw L'Oreal coming out with a tube mascara--Double Extend Lash Extention Effect Mascara. Fiberwig adds the microfibers to the mascara, rather than the two-step process of L'Oreal. Still, I was excited because none of the other tube mascaras I had seen (Too Faced, Clinique, Blinc) added any length or drama.

Add to this that I got the mascara at Long's for $6...amazing. However, it is no Fiberwig. It doesn't hold the curl nearly as well, and doesn't add as much extention. Very disappointing.

It is still a decent option, if I wasn't already spoiled by Fiberwig. I use it on weekends sometimes, and everyday on my bottom lashes. I figured I might as well take advantage of the fact that it doesn't smudge one bit throughout the day...even through tears!

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