Saturday, January 10, 2009

Success Story!

So, my friend Jesi and I had been having a "conversation" via Facebook wall comments about a solution for her hair. She didn't like how it didn't curl the way she wanted. Even when she tried hot rollers (usually a great idea for a long lasting hold), her hair didn't hold the curl.

She got sucked into a presentation at a mall booth for Ginalli Milano products. She bought this:

And her hair went from this:

To this:

And it held the curl on its own! For even longer lasting curl, I would recommend Redken Spray Starch 15.

Congratulations, Jesi! I guess it goes to show that sometimes getting sucked into those demonstrations really pays off!


Julia said...

I'll vouch, Jesi, your hair looked amazing at the wedding. It inspired me to get one of the miracle curlers.

Kara said...

Oooh, did it work for you, Julia?