Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obsessed with Angelina

I am the first to say that on an average day, I am not the biggest fan of Angelina's style. She is usually too skinny and too action-figure-like for me to emulate. I always like her seemingly low maintenance black on black, and dresses. Oh wait, and I like her very simple makeup (I myself am partial to glowing cheeks and black liquid liner.)

Ok, so maybe I'm a bigger fan that I would like to think already. But this week, everything I see makes me love her style. This chic trench (and everyone knows how much I love gray), the gorgeous hair, the SAG look.


1 comment:

AM said...

I agree. Lately she has been so fresh faced!!!! The hair has been amazing as well. I guess with 6 kids and 6 nannies you can look that good! LOL