Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've gone drugstore...Cover Girl

For a while now, I've been annoyed with drugstore makeup. It seems like it is almost as expensive as MAC makeup (sometimes half the price of Sephora stuff) and there is no opportunity to try it out. I love Sephora's return policy and samples--both which keep me loyal to my beloved Sephora, as well as the coupons they send me as a Beauty Insider.

However, this week I purchased TWO Cover Girl products, both 40% off at Long's Drugs. First, the tinted moisturizer (CG Smoothers SPF 15.) I had read rave reviews of this on Makeup Alley, from people who normally do higher end makeup. I got the Light to Medium shade and it's grade. It is oil-free, not pore-clogging, made of some gel complex to go on smoother. It is perfect...and was less than $5 at 40% off of the regular price. I still wear my Bare Escentuals over it because I need some powder, but I'm loving it. I also still wear it over my Shiseido SPF55 for more protection.

Also, I have been looking for months for a matte pale lipstick, similar to Nicole Richie's. I have a shimmery one, but have had my heart set on a matte one. Most lipsticks I tried on were too drying or too shimmery. Once again, Longs had CG stuff on 40% sale, so I found the perfect color there! Again, about $4.

It is IncrediFULL Lipcolor in #908, Pillow Pink. I'm loving it! Exactly what I was looking for, especially since, like Nicole R, I am partial to think black liquid liner as my go-to makeup. No matter how many eyeshadows I have, I usually go back to the standard black liquid liner!

I'm loving my steals!

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