Sunday, November 23, 2008

Harmless, Shallow Fun

I know I've talked a bit about my sickness (Chronic Fatigue) that I have battled for the last almost three years. For ten months after I first got the crazy strong virus that caused this whole mess, I didn't work. About six of those months, I could barely get out of bed. Taking a shower consumed an entire day's energy. Not to depress everyone, because I'm SO much better than that now, but getting my nails done was the highlight of my world. The experience of a mani/pedi then wasn't the best part, because even going to a nail salon was so exhausting. It was more because I didn't have the strength to do my own, like I did before I got sick. It brought me such a shallow sense of pleasure to look down, while in bed, and see my freshly painted nails. It somehow made me feel like a normal person, and gave an illusion of control and achievement.

Well, I got my first pedicure at a day spa on Saturday. Let me just say that it was SO different than a regular nail salon. The whole experience was amazing. Everything was better--the foot and leg massage, the smells of lotions and scrubs, the careful application of a mask, the incredibly accurate painting and glossing...

I went for the OPI French collection "Parlez Vous OPI?", a current fave of mine. A twist on lavendar, somehow edgier because of its smokiness.

But, I took a break from OPI "You Don't Know Jacques" that I have written about a couple of times, and as my nails have been growing back, went with one of my favorite pinks--OPI "Pinking of You."


CynthiaC said...

Have you tried Nonfat Soy Half Caff from SEPHORA by OPI? It's a lot like Pinking of You!

Kara said...

I'll have to check it out! I have been really impressed by the Sephora/OPI team.