Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tights Tights Tights!!!

My work dress code tightened up again for fall starting Oct 1. We were permitted to bare-leg it May - Sept, but now have to wear nylons (or tights in my case.) I have been relying on dresses for half of my work wardrobe, but for a couple of weeks struggled to find enough pants.

This weekend, I bought some gray and purple tights (one pair gray, one pair purple...to clarify.) So fun. I am inspired again. I wore the gray ones today with black peep toe shoes.


Laura said...

where did you get your tights? i'm on the lookout for a good, thick opaque pair of purply/plum ones to wear with my lbd to an outdoor wedding at the end of november.

Kara said...

Mine are both Betsey Johnson, and I got them at Marshalls!! I was shocked that they had fun colors there already...and in Fresno at that.