Saturday, October 4, 2008

Back to Beauty

Today all I wanted to do was stay at home and finish Twilight book number four. But, I had a hair appointment, and could not wait to cut 2+ inches off of my hair. That done, I decided to stop by the mall because I was out of my fave mascara, Imju Fiberwig (read about my love for it here.) I hadn't been to Sephora in at least two months. I know, what is wrong with me?? So, went for the mascara and ended up being very curious to try DiorSkin Airflash spray foundation. The girl doing my makeup ended up bonding with me, and we spent an hour together...talking about products and adding more fun things on. She put on DiorShow in Plum...very fun and different. And contoured my eyes in a very subtle, yet stunning way. She had me practice techniques, and told me repeatedly that I should model (haha!! I think they expect us unsuspecting girls to all aspire to be models and, therefore, want to be told that.) The whole thing was very fun. I took some pictures of the makeup and will post them soon.

I got home, and was thinking about matte eye makeup. I started playing on the Bobbi Brown website and fell in love with this palette. I want it!! Perfection. I love the not-too-warm and not-too-cool colors. The mauvey color is shimmery, but the rest look matte. I would, of course, only wear matte eyeshadow with a strong primer underneath to keep my oily lids from creasing (I love Urban Decay Primer Potion.)

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