Thursday, September 4, 2008


I've already written about my current obsession with Bath & Body Works Wild Honeysuckle scent. I purchased two more products. One, the Eau de Toilette, is a total miss. The scent fades so quickly. The body spray lasts much longer surprisingly.

And the gradual tanner lotion is also a winner. Mostly because it was on sale for half price. It has the perfect amount of shimmer in it and smells a bit like wild honeysuckle. It has the dreaded self tan smell, but I have never found a self tanning product without matter what other fragrances are in it. I used to use Victoria's Secret gradual self tanner and really loved the smell of that. But, at $18 for a smallish pump...I'll pass up on it this winter.

Speaking of winter, I am getting SO excited to bust out some tights when the weather cools off. I'll have to see what colors I can get away with in the bank. Maybe some dark purple ones if I wear a very conservative skirt and blazer...

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