Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So glad it's Wednesday!

Like I said a few days ago, my health has had its first big crash since June (when I decided to try jogging for a block= bad idea.) Part of it is frustrating and seemingly out of my control. The Sickness itself has been mostly out of my control and something I can't seem to ever completely figure out. But, parts of it are, in fact, my "fault."

For example, I have had a massive case of PMS this past week, not something I usually deal with. I have been craving (and eating) larger amounts of refined sugar than usual. Also, throwing out my heavy-on-the-protein diet and shoving french fries and chips into my mouth. Not wise ideas...

In spite of all of this, I haven't been feeling terrible about sometimes those types of weeks can leave me feeling. Instead, I have been gleaning rave reviews on my taupe/gray nail polish all week. I've been obsessed with flipping my front hair part over, ala a teenage girl, which feels like a break from the norm. And, this morning, threw on a gray dress I have had for eight months, but never seemed to be able to pull off. I put on some turquoise shoes, and felt cute...a huge feat considering this week.

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