Monday, August 11, 2008

Scent Coordination

I randomly got a Bath and Body Works Wild Honeysuckle wallflower plug-in scent a couple of months back. I fell in love with the scent. Last week, I bought a mini body spray and hand sanitizer for my purse. Again, LOVE. Today, I used the body spray on my way out the door. While at work, brushed on the hand sanitizer. All day long, I have basked in the wild honeysuckle.

I never thought I would be a scent coordinator. Usually, I like mostly unscented products that don't clash with my perfume--whichever signature scent I am attached to at the time (Stella, Escada Paradise Blue, Issey Miyake.) However, I am tempted to go full throttle WILD HONEYSUCKLE. Could I be that coordinated?

I am someone who firmly believes in never coordinating too closely my clothing, shoes, purses, etc. I prefer a little purposeful clashing. But, scents...I may be a convert.

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