Sunday, August 24, 2008

Favorite Self Tanner

I have gotten a little sun a couple of times this summer, but nothing compared to years past. Last summer, I self tanned religiously. I busted out my Glow Fusion tanner last week and had forgotten what a gorgeous color it turns my skin. Hands down, my favorite self tanner (for torso, as I use a different one on my legs...long story), despite its ridiculously steep price. It retails at $58, but I have always gotten it 20% off through Still pricey, but it lasts awhile.

It isn't perfect, but comes as close as anything I've tried. It claims to be unscented, but I find that I use it at night, and then shower again in the morning unless I want to smell "tan" the next day. Also, it claims to not rub off on clothes. For the most part this is true, but on whites, I still find a little bit of transfer. Again, though, I haven't found as good of a product as this one. They all smell and transfer off!

I exfoliate in the shower, and use a now-discontinued tanning mitt from the Body Shop to blend it in. The mitt makes it easy to avoid streaks. I have to carefully blend it in the backs of my arms, and any creases.

The payoff is a gorgeous brown color. I use the Medium 02 shade, but it is formulated to react with your own skin color. I know it's still pricey, but I would never pay $30 a pop for a professional spray tan (those are the cheap ones) and this lasts me about a week and a half, WAY longer than any others I've tried.

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