Friday, August 15, 2008


I have always loved anything asymmetrical. I love the unexpectedness, and for some reason, it feels like breaking the rules. Like going against the 90's prom hairstyle: french twist with two carefully curled tendrils framing the face.

I am loving dresses right now. I have to wear blazers at work...but am quickly discovering that I can pretty much wear any of my knee length dresses under said blazer. Working out well in the heat! And no nylons required until October. Then, back to restricted bank attire.


AM said...

Bank attire is horrible!!!! Nylons...scary. I don't own those things anymore!! can you wear tights instead???

BTW busting out the Angelina Jolie style pregger dresses. Feeling very feminine.

Kara said...

Nice on the Jolie pregger style!! I wish I could see it in person.

This bank is way dressier than before. Most people wear suits everyday. Very conservative. I'll see what I can get away with!!