Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday Rituals

I love my long, leisurely Saturday morning showers. I usually take showers at night during the week, but like lounging in the morning on Saturdays. I do an extra long pumice on my feet, even though I already pumice every other day. I actually use shave gel on my legs. Today, I did my Ahava Liquid Salt and left it on for a few minutes, all the while imagining my skin releasing toxins. I exfoliate my whole body, and rinse my hair off with cool water (to make it shinier, I imagine.)

One product I have contemplated adding to this routine is Clean & Clear Soft In-Shower Facial. I have read some good reviews on it, but haven't been able to decide if I should add it to my already fairly aggressive AHA treatments (my glycolic/salicylic acid peel, toner and primer.) I already try to steam my face every couple of weeks to help clean out the ol' pores. But I have been wanting to try this for a few months, so may break down and do so!


Joy said...

Let me know how that works! My AHA is in rare form as of late.

The Kitty said...

i have also been lemming this ever since the Beauty Addict did a post on it...make sure to let me know how it is if you give it a try!