Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Essentials of Life

Sometimes I will title a post and giggle to myself...always aware of my tongue-in-cheekedness. However, I realize that I truly may come across as just THAT shallow. Oh well, I know the truth and how much I love to make fun of myself. Much like my hero, Kelly Ripa.

On a completely serious note, though, an essential of mine is brow gel. I think it brightens anyone's face to comb the brows slightly upwards and then smooth them toward the ears. I really love Benefit's colored gel to fill in the outer, thinner eyebrows. I have also used Anastasia's famed clear gel. I'm sure any cheaper brand would do as well, as long as you don't apply too much gel and then have flaky, crispy brows.

And, someday, I will describe in great detail all of the products and tricks that made Lindsy's bridal look possible. I just keep getting distracted by the essentials of life.

For now, comb those brows with brow gel...and apply white or nude eyeliner to the inside of your bottom lash line for brighter eyes.

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