Monday, July 7, 2008

At-home threading

I am postponing giving a run-down on the CO beauty details to share with everyone my new favorite purchase.

Lindsy and I used to go get threaded together (like waxing, but without tearing off delicate face skin, for those of you who have never heard of it.) She would get her eyebrows done, and I my upper lip (better than saying mustache.) A few weeks ago, I was reading a beauty blog and discovered at-home threader!! This still doesn't take off my skin, and is much faster than tweezing. And I don't have to drive to a salon, and drive home in the shame of one with a very red upper lip.

You can buy it here, or I got mine on eBay for $10.


Laura said...

oh my gosh, i am buying this immediately. the "mustache" waxing is, without a doubt, my most unfavorite beauty ritual to endure. i don't think it's the actual waxing i hate, but rather the fact that i even have one that needs to be waxed off.

AM said...

This is a must have. Thank God for Kara and here research! We would all have red ugly lips from waxing! I wonder if you can use it on your eyebrows?

Lisa White said...

Hi! I've been buying my Epicare for the last 4 years from Customer service is fabulous!!

AM said...

Okay I bought it today and CAN"T wait for it to come. I have been literally dreaming of this for months and finally got around to ordering it!