Sunday, June 29, 2008

Makeup-full or Makeup-less

I would rather wear no makeup than too much. I almost always am of the less-is-more school of thinking. I don't like anything overdone.

Hayden Panettiere is a pretty, young girl. This picture looks WAY too pageanty. It could be the amount needed to show up in pictures on the red carpet, but too much for everyday. She also just looks so much older.

I prefer this, no makeup look of Gisele Bundchen. Beautiful.

What do you think, would you rather have too much makeup or go totally bare-faced?


Joy said...

If I go totally bare-faced then I look like death warmed over. Not that I am naturally self-deprecating, but I will say that uneven skin tones make the bare-faced a homespun activity.

Not that I want to go with makeup either. Then I look as though I am trying to skate my way back to my 20's. So long ago......

Can I vote makeup that makes me look bare-faced?

Gracitchka said...

i like natural looking make up. i like wearing foundation to even out my skin and then i almost always wear some kind of spot coverup and mascara. i feel like i look better with mascara. but every once and a while some fun eyeshadow and eyeliner is fun to do too.

Kara said...

I agree with both of your comments. The Gisele "no makeup" look is clearly utilizing lip gloss, probably tinted moisturizer and concealer. I hate anything that looks caked on...or dramatic eyes AND lips AND blush. Pick one feature to dramatize.

The Kitty said...

even though i look like a hermit crab with a hangover with a bare face, i would much rather have no makeup than too much makeup! less is always more- in so many ways! someone who has too much makeup on just looks so tacky and gross most of the girls who work at the MAC counter, they're so pretty and young with nice skin but you can hardly tell because they literally look like they layered on makeup with a spatula! such a shame. i'd love to give them a makeUNDER ala Jane Magazine (RIP!).

AM said...

Okay this is a no brainer for me....MAKE UP always!
I have horrible uneven skin tone, scars and other nastiness. I never go out of the house with out makeup. I always have on my mineral foundation, a little bronzer or blush and mascara to help brighten the eyes. Hey as a mom I need to be able to do a little something for myself to still feel womanly, let alone human.

BUT if I had Giseles face I would not wear makeup either, but alas I am not a super model. LOL