Sunday, June 22, 2008

Heat Wave

It's been so hot. The kind of heat that on Friday slowly sucked away my will to live. I forget that Fresno stays super hot in the afternoon, unlike Orange County--where the afternoon brings relief. Heat like this (107) makes it difficult to even want to get ready. I either want to be indoors or in the pool. When one loses one's will to live, hairstyles other than ponies/buns fall by the wayside and makeup will simply be perspired off.

So, I decided to write about something that has been irking me for some weeks. Anyone who knows me well knows my great love for Chick Fil-A. I remember four years ago, when the first in the OC opened up and my life changed. All my friends probably have memories of me from either the Fil-A or In'n'Out. With my health issues, I can't indulge like I used to...but at least they have wheat buns and a chargrilled sandwich!

Well, McDonald's appears to be trying to rip off the Fil-A. It's infuriating. I saw a commercial a couple of months ago for the Southern Style Chicken sandwich--a fried chicken breast on a simple buttered bun, garnished with nothing but pickles. Sound familiar?! And now, sweet tea. What?!! Next thing you know, they will have waffle fries too.

Well, McDonald's may steal the whole menu, but their customer service will never touch the Fil-A's "my pleasure" and "I'd be happy to help you" of their employees.

I'm still bothered though. Hot and bothered.


The Kitty said...

omg i LOOOOOOOVE In'n'Out Burger! i used to live in Las Vegas and i literally went there everytime i could possibly gather up the money to pay the bill! i mean, i love it so much that if i was in prison and i got to choose my last meal, it WOULD be In'n'Out! i do like Chik-Fil-A also, but haven't had it in years. btw, i LOVE LOVE LOVE that black dress you got at Express! it's ADORABLE!!!!!! i am jealous! (but in a nice way) :D

Kara said...

Thanks! I will have to post a pic with it on.

I am in agreement about the last meal. I don't want to live in a world where I cannot get a double-double animal and protein style (in lettuce instead of a bun) at least once a month. It used to be MUCH more frequent.