Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wedding Hair

So, Lindsy's wedding is approaching and I'm brushing up on hair and makeup tips. By the way, that is a picture of she and I. I don't have any of her alone that are easily accessible and didn't feel like getting out old picture CD's to search through! Anyways, she wants her hair either half up/half down or most likely, in a low bun. She will have side-swept bangs, and the bun will be fairly messy (as opposed to severe, librarian style...that looks like a bald head from the front.) I will probably tease the hair at the crown to give a little lift that will show up in pictures. We'll curl and texturize it first, for more body all over (but not quite as much body as "Anne of Avonlea" if there are any fans of that movie who thought her hair was a bit too bouffant, as I did.)

Let me just say that I am NO hairdresser. Once a year, I put some effort into my hair, but I'm not generally going to spend the time manipulating my hair to do anything other than what it naturally does. Just like my makeup philosophy, I believe in simply enhancing its best features.

Here are some pictures that are similar to what we'll do...just ideas from each.


Laura said...

i did my hair in the jennifer aniston style for a wedding on sunday. i knew it was a hit when several of casey's old high school classmates came up to him at the wedding to say "your wife is so hot". i need to do my hair this way EVERY day. and it would also make linds look super hot.

for linds' hair, you might want to try fekai's "oceanique wave spray" to give her some of the volume and texture you are wanting. i think it might work really well with her hair texture. i have some and i'll bring it to colorado for you to make her try out!

Kara said...

Well, they should say you're are!! I love Fekkai products, but don't think I"ve tried that spray. I have tried so many...some too conditioning, some too salty/crusty...apparently some "just right." Yes, bring it! SO fun.

AM said...

I have to admit that I have not stopped thinking about this one for a while. I think the messy bun look would work great on her. I definitely think that she will need some wispy around her face. Will help to frame the face. You may have to trim those the day off. I have actually done that to myself. So maybe pack some hair siccors.

I would also think about slightly off centering the bun. Another thought is to place some flowers in the bun....gardinia's are classic!!!!