Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Make Up For Ever

I am only beginning to discover the wonders of this brand. I had heard of the waterproof "Aqua Eye" eyeliner. However, I have tested so many "waterproof" pencil liners and am convinced that the only truly waterproof are gel liners (like Bobbi Brown.)

Alot of magazines and beauty blogs are raving about the new High Definition Powder, and how its light-reflecting particles mask any skin imperfections and set makeup with 100% mineral silica powder (seriously, this is all from my joke, everyone is writing about it.) So, I got myself down to Sephora to try it out.

I go to Sephora about once every few weeks, and have a list of all the products I want to play with. While playing around at Make Up For Ever, I tried on the Pearly Waterproof Eyeshadow Pencil in shimmery taupe. It went on kind of creamy and I had a blend a little, but--boy--did that stuff stay put. I was seriously impressed. I usually put in the eyelid primer, then eyeshadow (on the odd day that I actually wear eyeshadow.) This was one step. If they had it in gray, I would snap that thing up.



The Kitty said...

i'm dying to try the black Aqua Eyes pencil! thanks for the post, i'll def be checking it out the next time i'm at Mecca (aka Sephora)! ;P

AM said...

I am going to have to check this out too. I need something for the pool days with the kids and beach days....anything for face makeup....want to cover those sun spots while I am out.