Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Smells of Summer

Despite the chilly wind whipping outside right now, last weekend's hot summer weather really got me in the mood for SUMMER. That's right--sundresses, floppy hats, cute sandals--and warm nights. One huge perk of living in Fresno is the warm evening. Last weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed this new reality. After eight summers in Costa Mesa, I am used to chilly evenings. It is amazing to be wearing short sleeves after 4pm anytime of year!

Quite a few things are inspiring summer-lust for me. Not least of which is that wonderful smell of summer...

You could splurge on this:

Or get the same ingredients in this. I got the whole set last summer and love it all!

Yves Rocher, $4

Sephora, $12

That's right. Spend $98, or $16. The NARS and Yves Rocher use Tahitian Monoi Oil. However, they also include mineral oil, so don't use it anywhere you are prone to breakouts. I found some pure monoi oil online for very reasonable, but it doesn't smell quite as fragrant.

All of these just smell like summer vacation.

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