Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Shrine to the Shallow

And so begins my blog. As I sit in front of Real Housewives of New York, I am reminded that I am less shallow than the women on there. And even MORE, uh, less shallow than the Housewives of the OC (because that is correct grammar, kids.) That aside, my first blog is about nail polish. First of all, let me explain my insatiable thirst for all beauty products. Research has always been a hobby of mine. However, over two years ago, I went from being an active person to being a sick person. While I'm on the mend, I have spent intermittent periods of disability and unemployment glued to beauty blogs and forums. On Makeup Alley, my favorite source of user reviews for all makeup and beauty products, reviews include describing things as HG. It took me awhile to discover that it stood for "holy grail." Meaning, there is an HG of each type of product for each person. A few such HG's I have already found, but others...those I spend countless hours online and in Sephora searching for.

One HG is my absolute favorite color of nail polish. It is OPI My Auntie Drinks Chianti. A few years ago, I happened upon it in a nail salon. The weeks my toes sported its perfection, people stopped me everywhere raving about the color. How to describe it--violet, magenta, purple--none will come close. I ended up finding it online on a site selling discontinued OPI nail polish. I still love it.

The picture of me very cheesily giving my blog a thumbs up is an edgy, matte purple. It has gotten rave reviews, and even inspired Julia to purchase a purple (and in turn Julia inspired me to get on it and actually start my blog.)

Next up, my quest for the HG mascara...and the joy/agony of the search.


Laura said...

I'm sure you already have tried it, but just in case you haven't, I really feel that OPI's "I'm Not Really a Waitress" is the HG of red nail polishes. Real bright, shiny, and deep without looking like a trampy or cheap red. love it.

Kara said...

I love that color too! Definitely HG status.