Friday, April 18, 2008

More Top Mascaras

Another mascara link. Splendora posts the top drugstore and department store mascaras...

I'll be back sometime this weekend, but my eyes have been glued to my computer for the majority of the last two weeks doing editing. And being cross-eyed just isn't in this season.

Top Ten Mascaras


sarahfrostie said...

After this, I was curious what the British rate as top mascara's. Whoever votes for these things in our country are idiots.
Anyway, I now want to try Chanel Inimitable Multi-Dimensional and LancĂ´me Definicils. They both sound perfect.
I can't believe Maybeline Define-a -lash won the top drugstore mascara! Surely not. I thought it was totally pansy. Had I any balls I would have taken it back with the advert that promised me a refund if I wasn't fully satisfied. Instead, it has been put in the mascara draw with all the other rejects. said...

What the superb post. I love the Top Mascaras