Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Healthy Life

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. There, I said it. After over two years of seeing doctors and wondering why I've felt like I have a life-long flu, I finally fit into the "Chronic Fatigue" box. The best news about this diagnosis (one that I rejected when any doc tried to peg me in there just because he/she had no other explanation) is that my amazing holistic (part western medicine/part eastern) doctor actually is treating the cause.

That said, I have discovered gold mines of books about Chronic Fatigue--and they all apply to me. So, I drink freshly juiced carrot juice multiple times a day, go to bed early, get gentle exercise, cut out coffee and most sugars, listen to my body's warning triggers and learn to be thankful for what my life is.

I just put on my yoga clothes, finished my jasmine green tea, took my 7 pills of supplements, drank my carrot juice...I'm set.

I like to know that I'm doing everything I can for my health.


sarahfrostie said...

Oh Kara, I'm so glad you have an actual diagnosis! It must be so refreshing to put a name to the face :)

Anne-Marie said...

Well I am on 8 supplement pills a day. I guess I have you beat by one. LOL

Love the health! Just need to ad in some yoga and I'll be rocking!